How often should my child attend swimming
Most people attend once a week. However, the important factor is being regular. Like any physical skill the more often you practice, the quicker you acquire the skill. Therefore those children attending swimming lessons 2 to 3 times per week often experience faster progress. We also think it is important for learning to swim to be a year round activity as this will allow your child to experience the true benefits of exceptional swimming.

How long does it take to Learn to Swim?
This is a very difficult question to answer and will depend on your interpretation of
what swimming is. Your child’s age and size, their level of co-ordination and, most
importantly, the amount of time spent practicing the skills can affect the amount of
time it takes to achieve each level. Every child is different. The essence of the Col
Jones Training System has been around since 1973 and is constantly modified and
improved to help your child reach their full potential

What is a Swim School Supervisor?
Swim School Supervisors play a vital role at Col Jones; overseeing our program and
helping to ensure that everything runs smoothly. They are available to give you a
verbal progress report and answer any questions you may have about your child or
anything in general at our swim school in both Tempe and Hurstville.

How do I contact my child’s teacher?
The Swim School Supervisors constantly monitor the progress of all children
participating in swimming lessons during their shift. They are a great resource for parents as they have the experience and the time to liaise between the Teacher and yourself. We
kindly ask you to use the Swim School Supervisor for progress reports and questions
in order to minimize any disruptions to the classes.

What should I bring to swimming lessons?
Col Jones Swim Fitness provides most of the equipment required for swimming
lessons, including aids and educational equipment. All you need to bring to your
lesson is swimming costumes and towel. Children under 3 must bring a tight fitting
swim nappy. It is also recommended that children from Stripey 1 level and higher
wear goggles.

How are the pools kept so clean?
The water at Col Jones Swim Fitness is cleaned by state of the art plant room
facilities. We have installed for each individual pool, the latest technology in chemical
disinfection, filtration and UV systems. This is to ensure conditions are perfect for

How often is my child assessed?
Every lesson your child is checked by their Teacher. If the child is performing well the teacher asks the supervisor to assess your child.

Will my child receive the same teacher each lesson?
The advantage of the Col Jones teaching system is that your child is learning in a graded structured program. Unlike programs elsewhere, your teacher is part of an extensive teaching team which works together to ensure the best results for your child.  So no matter what day you have lessons, your child will receive the same teaching format delivered by that Teacher for that particular coloured level.  Each Teacher is trained under the Col Jones Teacher Training program which is implemented by a fully qualified Workplace Trainer & Assessor and Swim Australia Presenter.  The management at Col Jones Swim Fitness also keep the teachers on a regular roster to help minimize changes.

Why does my child need to wear floatation aids like floaties and bubbles?
We use aids in our program to assist in the progression of our swimmers.  We have found that by wearing floatation aids, it gives the child the confidence to concentrate on the skill rather than being worried about the water.  As the child gains co-ordination and strength in the skill, the task becomes easier and the level of support via aids is gradually reduced.  This allows the swimmer to progress without undue stress and results in better co-ordination.

The Curve of Learning:
Please do not expect your child to make equal and constant progress every lesson.  Learning to swim is not the easiest of accomplishments for all children.  In particular, the breathing technique can be especially difficult and may take many lessons before the pupil can master it.
It is common for children to appear to make no progress at all at some stage; in fact they may even regress for several lessons.  Please be patient, it will not be for want of trying by the teachers and they understand it is part of the learning process.  Parents should try not to convey anxiety over this to the pupil.  We teach them all to swim!  Some make rapid progress, some take longer.