Swim Program Levels

Baby Levels (ages 6 months to 2 years)
This class is the ideal opportunity to introduce your little one to the aquatic environment through the use of song and activity. Floating and movement through water are developed in this class. We believe that there are many advantages in starting children at this age both physically and mentally. Three of the most important being;

  • Water familiarisation
  • Exercise and development of motor skills
  • Bonding between parent and child as well as offering a social environment for child, parent & all participants.

Toddler Level (ages 2–3 years)
This is a parent and child class which prepares the child for the next Beginner Level. The aim is to gradually wean the parent from the class as the child gains their independence with the Teacher. Your child further develops their skills in kicking, dog paddle and back float. Once the child shows independence and is familiar with the above skills, they are
ready for the Beginner Levels.

Beginner Levels (3 years plus)
At the Beginner Level we encourage your child to participate in the class on their
own. They are safe in the water as they are equipped with a bubble, arm floats (if
required) and can stand comfortably on a shallow step on either side of the pool.
The aim of this class is water safety and awareness. We achive this by teaching
your child basic skills like placing their face in the water, blowing bubbles, dog
paddle, back floating through to push glide and arms over.

Breather Levels
In these levels the main emphasis is developing a strong foundation for freestyle
and backstroke. The first two levels, blue and turquoise, work on the breathing
skills and arms over. The last two levels, red and pink, work on co-ordinating the
arms and breathing together to develop their freestyle as well as backstroke.
program levels

Formstroke Levels
Formstroke Levels provide the ideal opportunity for your child to learn breaststroke
and butterfly kick and drill, whilst still revising their freestyle and backstroke.
Our Teachers are in the water providing “hands on” correction which produces
better results.

Stroke Correction Squad Levels
Our Stroke Correction Squads focus on technique. These sessions are 45min in
duration and all four strokes are revised each session. As the child improves in
strength and technique we gradually increase the distance by moving them up to
a new Level. These Squad Levels give the ideal foundation in all four strokes to
pursue competitive swimming or just for all round fitness.

Club Squad Levels & Senior Squad Levels
The Club and Senior Squads are a further extension of our Stroke Correction
Squad program. The emphasis is still on stroke work and technique, however the
children are also challenged in strength and endurance by swimming further and
longer. All four strokes are further developed in these one hour sessions. This
squad is great preparation for school