Swimming Classes


Lessons at Col Jones Swim School Tempe and Hurstville are all graded and structured according to ability. Children are promoted through our program based on their ability and performance in each swimming lesson. Achievement is rewarded at each stage which is important for the child’s self esteem and sense of progression.

Also, a specially designed chart is available in order to follow each child’s individual progress.

Three pools are used in the child’s development starting with a small pool to
quickly gain the confidence of the child in the water. They then progress to a 10
metre pool to continue the fundamentals of freestyle and backstroke. The third
pool is the 25 metre training and competitive pool where they learn breaststroke
and butterfly before joining our stroke correction and squad program.

All four strokes are taught to provide the child with an all round aquatic education
so that they can then choose to either continue their interest in a competitive
environment or choose to follow a recreational and fitness program for future
endeavours – either choice begins a way to a healthy future.

All  swimming classes are indoors in warm clean water with state of the art water monitoring systems installed at both centres. No matter what the weather, when you child has their swimming lesson, they will be comfortable.

Swimming lessons are held 7 days a week and cater for babies to adults. Please contact our friendly reception staff or drop in for a tour to view our excellent program and facilities.

Achievement is rewarded at each stage which is extremely important for your child’s self esteem and sense of progression.  For more information on our progression swimming system, download a copy of our brochure.  Here you will find information on all of our program levels from baby swimming lessons up to club squads.